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To achieve our main objective of supplying world class vehicles, our services includes but are not limited to the following services.

Comprehensive Parts store
• We stock both new and refurbished parts of various manufacturers.
• We deliver parts across the world on a regular basis and we are preferred suppliers to various international institutions.

• Each vehicle earmarked for remanufacture is completely stripped catalogued and all relevant parts are sent for sandblast. This ensures that all parts are correctly treated before entering the spray paint facilities.
• Each new vehicle hull is blasted and painted in accordance with ISO 8501-1 : 1988 standard
• The factory has two dedicated sand blast bays.

• We have a team of dedicated panel beating & spray painters. The factory has enclosed dedicated spray booths to ensure that each vehicle is finished according to each client’s needs.
• All spray painters are trained by industry professionals and regularly undergo recurrent and new training courses to stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Engine Room
• Our mechanical team is dedicated to assembling and refurbishing of a wide range of drive trains
• All new or remanufactured engines are given a thorough pre installation battery of tests. The engines are also Dynamometer tested to ensure proper performance and optimal configuration when needed.

Auto Electrical
• Our auto electrical team have the capabilities to build wiring looms to Milspec.
• Except for specialist applications most electrical work is done in house.

Body Shop
• Our bodybuilders underwent extensive training to manufacture and maintain both commercial and heavy military bodies.
• The body shop only utilizes jigs and manipulators in the manufacturing process to ensure structural integrity, tolerances and sustained quality.

Assembly Line
• The main factory can accommodate up to 4 consecutive production lines, with each line consisting of a different vehicle model.
• On large orders the factory is configured to optimize the flow of production/refurbishment and most resources are allocated to that project.
• The factory layout can be tailored according to product type and volume. This flexibility enhances the turnkey package available to clients.

In-house Design Office with a separate engineering department

• Our design and engineering team have close to 60 years combined experience. All of them have been involved in the military manufacturing/refurbishing environment throughout the last 20 years. The design team also has extensive combat experience with real time exposure to conflicts throughout the world.

• We pride ourselves on our accurate and high standard of design and engineering. This was noticed by the United Nations and our Design and engineering team was tasked with designing a new vehicle for the UN.

• Armstrong Industrial strives to ensure that we continuously comply and surpass the latest ISO and Health & Safety standards.
• We have a team of dedicated qualified personnel who on a daily basis ensure that all departments follow the correct protocol in their work environment.
• To supplement quality control, we are also in the process of adopting the S1000D standard, commonly used with militaries around the world.



  • Armstrong Industrial strive to ensure that we continuously comply with the latest ISO and Health & Safety standards.
  • We have a team of dedicated qualified personnel who on a daily basis ensure that all departments follow the correct protocol in their work environment.